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Element Restorations attends to major weather events providing clean-up and restoration services. We also attend to large fire restorations, floods, residential and commercial property water damage, sewage overflows, mould decontamination, and disinfecting and odour removal.

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We have received many compliments and recieve many thank you letters over the years about our quick and attentive service during our customer and clients crisis.

Here are just some, to help you to gain a better understanding of what others feel and think about their experience with Element Restorations. We are grateful to all of our customers for placing their trust in us, and especially appreciate those who take the time to write and share their experiences with us.

"They showed up on time in the middle of the night looking professional, they were very understanding and offered a service like no other. I don't know what I would have done without their fantastic service. Thank you so much, you made my life ALOT easier!"

"I Have worked with many other restoration companies and Element Restoration offers a service like no other. They go beyond what is expected of them and I have come to rely on them within alot of different types of work."

"Everything was cleaned to a state where you would never of known a disaster had just occured. I feel content that my family can live in a safe and clean home again."